Obey Your Body  mission is to provide effective skincare by combining the wisdom of nature, the secrets of the Dead Sea, and the advancement of science. ObeyYourBody Dead Sea has taken all the magic from the Dead Sea and the world's best skin care scientists to bottle up the wisdom of nature and advances of technology in order to deliver harmonious and synergetic benefits to your skin and life.

Our philosophy is run on the principle that nature and science combined make luxurious skincare with luxurious results. Obey Your Body Dead Sea prides itself in the effective treatments and quality that has been recognized over the years for innovation. These treatments have been renowned for their abilities to rejuvenate and renew.

Below is the feedback we receive from individuals around the world who take the time to let us know how we’re doing. We consider all and any comments invaluable and precious which is why we’re always imploring anyone and everyone to let us know how we’re doing.

I purchased the Beautifying nail kit which worked amazing on my nails! The lotion that came with it made my hands incredibly soft! Sonny was great help and told me everything I needed to know about the product !
Angel hernandez on Dec 27, 2015 From: Michigan , United States 5
So prices are really high up there but apparently they have sales on their phone-sales division that aren’t available online and um YES?!?!? Like that’s so awesome secret sales and they people are so nice so that’s really cool I like their online site and their over-the-phone representatives.
Helen B on Oct 18, 2015 From: New Jersey, United States 5
Thank God for Ron who stopped me at Pentagon City Shopping Mall in Washington, DC to show me the products! My skin never looked or felt so good. I'll be forever grateful for this major positive change in my life. It feels good to be in my own skin once again. From now on you got one loyal customer all the way from Macedonia!
Maria on Sep 28, 2015 From: Washington, United States 5
I've been using Obey Your Body Dead Sea products for five years, and absolutely LOVE them! I simply won't trust my skin to anyone else! As long as I'm regular about my skin care, I have no trouble with eczema or dry skin, and being mistaken for my children's sister is really cool! They range from 31 to 38. My husband loves my look, too, and uses some of the products himself. I am near enough to malls with Obey Your Body Dead Sea products to do my shopping there (yeaaa!) but when I've bought online, or by phone, it's always been a great experience, too. No other product line has ever given me such excellent results. Keep up the great work!
Jane on Sep 05, 2015 From: Tn , United States 5
When I was stopped by Aviv to try the body scrub I thought I would quickly dismiss the idea but he was very charming and informative about the product. Getting to try the product really sold me and hours later my skin still feels amazing and smells great! I would definitely recommend it and will be back for more products in the future. Thanks Aviv!
Adrian on Aug 08, 2015 From: Illinois, United States 5
I got samples with my order and my items were gift wrapped in a lovely silver packaging! I also ordered during the holiday season and it came with limited edition packaging. LOVE!
Patricia on May 13, 2015 From: Ohio, United States 4
The site is so easy to navigate and I was able to learn about the company’s history before I bought anything! So informative!
Marie on Apr 28, 2015 From: UT, United States 5
If you don’t like going in stores and you can’t make an order because of your internet connection, call to place your order. SO worth the call. Thanks, Kelley! :-)
Debra on Apr 21, 2015 From: United States 4
I had a few questions for my online order but they were so nice and they were able to take my order over the phone to save my time and I am so glad I called plus I got a free body butter so yay!
Susan on Apr 10, 2015 From: Washington, United States 5
The eye cream does make my eyes look better and it does protect with SPF. Wow.
Avery on Mar 30, 2015 From: Alabama, United States 5
The eye serum makes my eye area look soooo much better. My eyes don’t look red and puffy anymore!
Charlotte on Mar 28, 2015 From: UT, United States 5
The mineral bars run out very quickly. I love them, though! :C
Madison on Mar 27, 2015 From: United States 4
The sponge that came with my acne kit was awesome! I just wish that they sold it separately.
Madelyn on Mar 24, 2015 From: New York, United States 4
My son’s dermatologist recommended the product psoriacalm for his psoriasis and it works so well! He feels the relief every day.
Emily on Mar 23, 2015 From: United States 5
I have awful eczema, so I started using the remedy salt scrub and the dead sea black mud. Now my skin has cleared up
Lily on Mar 20, 2015 From: WY, United States 5
I’m part of the loyalty club, but it doesn’t seem like it’s much use when the sales are all the same.
Mia on Mar 17, 2015 From: AR, United States 3
I really love these products and they’re so wonderful! I look so good now
Zoe on Mar 17, 2015 From: Washington, United States 5
I had problems with the website so I could get my foot cream so I called and they placed my order and I got it really quickly!
Isabella on Mar 14, 2015 From: United States 4
I love all of the products! I thought the local sales people were rather pushy, but everyone on live chat is so kind
Ava on Mar 13, 2015 From: MI, United States 5
I like all of the products and navigation is okay
Olivia on Mar 12, 2015 From: Ohio, United States 3
I think that the website is rather outdated, but I like that I can reach customer service by phone, email, or live chat.
Sophia on Mar 08, 2015 From: FL, United States 4
Excellent customer service, I will be a repeat customer because of this and the high quality of the skin care line. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me find the right products for my skin
Nicole Iredale on Mar 05, 2015 From: Texas, United States 5
Monica was a great help at the kiosk at the mall. I was doubtful because of the cost of the products but actually applying the products and seeing the difference was a big help. I was still feeling unsure about the price of the products until I got home and pulled up the website. WOW!!! I got great deals and do feel better about what I actually paid!!! Thanks Monica!!!!
Tracy on Mar 01, 2015 From: IDAHO, United States 5
I don't ever pay full price here. There is always a coupon you can find or a nice salesperson who will get you a good deal. 

They have good selections and very good products. I have never had an issue returning or exchanging as well. 

I got into a habit of taking picture of receipt on my phone as I tend to toss them. I was able to exchange with the picture of receipt on my phone.
Joanna on Feb 10, 2015 From: United States 5
I’ll see moisturizers in the cleansers section. Weird and confusing.
Emma on Feb 08, 2015 From: United States 3
The salt scrub makes my legs so soft! The body butter/salt scrub duos aren't in stores, but I'm glad that they're online!
Sharon on Feb 07, 2015 From: Hawaii, United States 5
Why are all of my favorite products so expensive...
debbie on Feb 03, 2015 From: Ohio, United States 3
When I first came across the Spa Pharmaceuticals store I was met by a guy at the door who offered me a free facial serum sample. I went home later that day and tried it. I was really interested and liked the product so decided to go back to the store the next day to possibly buy a bottle. The store itself is designed remarkably well like a luxurious spa. I was treated like a queen. I bought a bottle. 

It wasn't cheap but today, only a couple of weeks later, I can really see the results. I don't see a reason why I won't be buying more when I finish my bottle.

Anna on Feb 01, 2015 From: United States 5
They have really high prices, but they're always having big promotions!
Yolana on Jan 30, 2015 From: United States 5
I think they would do well to have customer service 24/7. I love their products
Emily on Jan 22, 2015 From: OK, United States 4
I'm a smoker and I have large pores. The Vitamin C&E serum makes my skin look really good! I'm glad I used the live chat to ask the questions that I had.
Gertrude on Jan 15, 2015 From: Florida, United States 5
Don't tell anyone that I use a moisturizer. The Men's Care set is great.
John on Jan 13, 2015 From: United States 5
The masks work so well, ESPECIALLY the Mask for Problematic Skin
Cierra on Jan 08, 2015 From: United States 5
I usually go to the local kiosk and then order online. Just when you think you are about to break the bank with your items, there is a discount surprise awaiting. 

I always get some type of 15% and even 40% off discount when I least expect it. The ordering process is simple and shipping is fast. 

They have great prices on their website and on Facebook. I love Obey Your Body.
Etty on Jan 04, 2015 From: United States 5
I wasn't impressed with Obey Your Body simply because the formulas didn't work well for me. then they came out with SUPREME and WOW!! They really did innovate everything!
Ida on Jan 02, 2015 From: CO, United States 4
The store was AMAZING and I got so many things that make me so pretty! The website sales are wonderful too :)
Julie on Jan 01, 2015 From: Hawaii, United States 5
I got the rose quatz collection and it is so pretty. It make my skin look beautiful too
Kim on Jan 01, 2015 From: China 5
I like the fact that I can read the reviews of products before I buy anything! Plus, I got free samples and shipping with my order. Their website is so easy to navigate when I look for a specific item, too!
Puala B on Dec 25, 2014 From: CA, United States 4
The customer service rep took my order over the phone when my computer had technical difficulties. I am so glad that they’re so willing to help! They even gave me some really good recommendations!
Lori on Dec 10, 2014 From: United States 4
I purchased a few face masks when they were marked down. I got the wrong mask when I received my shipment, but I was able to call customer service directly in order to resolve it. My representative did everything so quickly and she threw in a body butter and salt scrub pair for the trouble. SO sweet. :)
Debra on Dec 05, 2014 From: TN, United States 3

I tried this only because a sales person pulled me in, and then she insisted that I try the refining peeling mask. She demonstrated how I would use in on the inside of my arm and I was like “WHOA, WHAT?” Because my skin looked smoother and it feels better! 

I bought one, and then she recommended that I get some of the body butter and a salt scrub and WHOA. 

Just a recommendation though.. Don’t use the salt scrub after you shave your legs. Because ow. Still, my skin feels smoother than ever! THANKS YOU! <3

Alice R on Nov 28, 2014 From: United States 5
I love the products but I just wish they weren’t so expensive. :C 

Still worth it, though!

Sandra Collins on Nov 20, 2014 From: AL, United States 3
We were greeted immediately by a friendly employee who was more than happy to help us. She wasn't pushy, she wanted to answer our questions. She helped us search through boxes and when we couldn't find what we were looking for, she took to the computer to investigate. 

After much discussion, we were able to figure out the correct product. When our coupon didn't work she called the store manager who was gracious and helped us out. He actually took time to come meet us and acquaint us with our new purchase.
Jones on Nov 10, 2014 From: MS, United States 5
I wish there was a way to add the promotion code before adding anything to the cart... And sometimes i can't find what I'm looking for... It's still so worth it because everything works so well for my skin!
Julia on Oct 10, 2014 From: United States 3
Talk about miracle stuff! So glad I decided to try this

Audrey on Oct 04, 2014 From: OH, United States 5
I have really sensitive skin and im always so apprehensive about buying new stuff. I received a sample and im glad that I did. 

The facial serum I got really helped with my pores and redness. im glad that soothes away the dryness that I have.

Beth Basham on Sep 15, 2014 From: United States 3
I got the Mask for Problematic Skin and I was really surprised with how well it works for my daughter! 

She received a sample and then I went back to get it for her. It works so well and she’s so happy with it!

Tara Y. on Aug 09, 2014 From: NY, United States 5
I think the prices are kind of far off but then again this is a higher brand so I guess its better and it worked so well. 

I liked the information that I received from the sales people, and the product worked, so well. I tried the serum and then went home and my roommate was like “what did you do you look so different” so I went back and bought it. 

Will buy again online. 

Megan on Aug 02, 2014 From: NC, United States 4
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