Hi-Dow Perfect Conductor Spray

Hi-Dow Perfect Conductor Spray

Brand: Hi-Dow International
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HiDow International inc Perfect Conductor Spray For Hi-Dow Tens Unit Pads

Prepare your skin for Hi-Dow TENS therapy with TENS-Prep conductive spray gel, an electrolyte-filled gel that increases conductivity and prolongs electrode life. 

This convenient spray is much less messy than traditional gels, and it is soothing in nature so that it doesn't irritate the skin. The easy-to-apply TENS conductive spray is an essential addition to any 

TENS skin preparation to make treatment more effective. Highly conductive Ideal for use with rubber, non-adhesive electrodes and conductive garments Re-hydrates and extends the life of self-adhesive electrodes The 100 ml/ 3.4 oz bottle contains no grease or oils and is water based with ion conductivity use by professionals.

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